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We Transform Workplaces.

Our data-driven workplace practices improve workplace physical and psychological safety, trust, and employee empowerment. Our approach improves overall workplace culture and increases employee productivity as well as individual well-being.

"Creating a culture of trauma-informed care requires us to look at our organizational culture, at the way we treat each other, and at the way we treat those we serve. It requires us to be intentional about creating a culture that is safe and respectful of everyone."  

- Sandra L. Bloom, M.D., Campaign for Trauma Informed  Policy & Practice Board Chair
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Friendly Business Team

Make every interaction feel safe and valued.

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Save Money

50% of overtime is used to cover employee absences.

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Retain Talent

63% quit their job to avoid work-related stress.

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Improve Experiences

80% say workplace stress impact relationships with others.

Learn more about our state-sponsored recognition program today!

Our recognition program is unique & effective. 

(And our program is free!)

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The only Tennessee Department of Health-supported as well as university-driven workplace designation in Tennessee.

Our partnerships power your success.

We are supported by academic, industry, and community experts focused on your organizational success.

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Recover lost revenue and resources.

You may not know it, but you are inadvertently sending the wrong message to your employees as well as your customers. Our approach identifies these inefficiencies as well as the opportunities to improve organizational culture.


Find out about being a Better Workplace today.

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